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KOLHIDA - SLIVEN JSC is mainly working with Bulgarian wool and for some specific orders with wool delivered from the European Community, Russia and others.

The company is also working with material provided by the customer.

The wool is sorted by thickness, length, strength and color of the fiber.

Laundry is being carried out from two "DOFAMA" washing machines with a capacity of 800 kg per hour of scoured wool.

The production line:

5 carding machine "THIBEAU"

2 carding machine "BEFAMA"

24 lines for combing "SCHLUMBERGER"

4 intersecting machines "SCHLUMBERGER"


- Combed worsted wool tops.

  • Bumps - 12 kg.
  • Made in bales of 300 kg.

- Carded and combed wool strips.

  • Made in bales of 300 kg.

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