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KOLHIDA - SLIVEN JSC is a joint stock company with 100% private capital, which operates in the sphere of the primary processing of greasy wool. The Company carries out its activities in accordance with the best production practices established in the European Community. Technological manufacturing processes are carried out with care for the environment and minimizing emissions of pollutants.

KOLHIDA - SLIVEN JSC has modern production facilities for washing, carding and combing. The production capacity of the company is processing 7500 tons of greasy wool within one calendar year.

KOLHIDA - SLIVEN JSC produces products that are characterized by excellent quality and are well known both on the domestic and the international market. The professionalism of the managers of the company and the day-to-day control over the production processes ensure the high quality of the production. The company has its own laboratory for physical analysis of the production.

The products of KOLHIDA - SLIVEN JSC are certified according to the standard "OECO - TEX STANDARD 100".

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